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Old Tuesday, 23rd March 2010, 02:03 AM
ChrissyHarraz ChrissyHarraz is offline
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Unhappy Little Chocolate Sweet Feet

I was wondering if someone can help me find this very important childhood memory??? He was made by gund in maybe 1978. please lead me in the right direction. I dont even know where to start looking..

Thank you for listening
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Old Friday, 26th March 2010, 12:23 PM
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If you could show some photos or give us some information regarding your bear, then we may very likely be able to help you. I have searched the Gund family of bears, but I really do need to know your bear's height, type of fur, jointed or not, colour of eyes etc.

Look forward to hearing from you and then we can start searching in earnest.

Best wishes,
(A bear does not come to life until he is loved, but once loved he will live forever.)
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Old Saturday, 27th March 2010, 04:58 AM
ChrissyHarraz ChrissyHarraz is offline
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Default Little Chocolate Sweet Feet

He had brown nose. this hair was bluish and he was kind of flat he had brown feet because he was in the cookie jar .. I am looking for a picture of him. he was approx a foot and a half long.. i will really try to get a picture.
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Old Tuesday, 06th April 2010, 11:56 PM
Shantooz Shantooz is offline
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Smile More about Little Chocolate Sweet Feet

Little Chocolate Sweet Feet is a Gund animal, from the late 1970s, but is actually a lion! In the booklet that accompanied him, he is originally called Little Fluffy Blue Lion. He steals cookies and when his mother almost catches him, he hides the cookies under his feet and then gets the new name "Little Chocolate Sweet Feet." He is pale blue with a pink snout area, a little black nose very typical of the Gund animals, with pink paws, except for the chocolate brown underneath his feet. As you can probably tell, I not only had one of these animals, I had three, that I made into a little "family" of sorts. I still have them and would be happy to post a photograph, if it would help someone find another one. I just thought it might help to know it is not actually a bear but a lion cub. It does look very much like a bear!
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Old Saturday, 10th April 2010, 02:31 AM
ChrissyHarraz ChrissyHarraz is offline
Lil' Cutie Bear
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Smile Thank you

O My thank you for the information ( correction ) You sure know your Bears... im sorry Lion Cubs....lol
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